What is an OEM/Original toner cartridge?

An original toner or OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) is a product built from new components and is marketed under the OEM brand, such as Hewlett Packard or Epson. Each product is assigned a unique number. At Go Go Toner, we provide OEM part numbers to assist you in finding our brand cartridge, that equates to the appropriate printer.


What is a compatible cartridge? 

A compatible cartridge is one that is not built or remanufactured by the OEM companies, however it will fulfill the same purpose. Compatible cartridges can be separated into manufacturing categories. For example they may contain either ‘100% new components’ or ‘new & recycled components’.

What is a remanufactured cartridge? 

A remanufactured cartridge is a cartridge that has been manufactured from new and recycled components. It has been “rebuilt” to similar specifications of the “original”. In many cases, OEM cartridges actually contain “recycled” or “recovered” materials (its usually listed in fine print on the packaging in an inconspicuous place). In addition, some OEMs even sell their own brand of remanufactured cartridges.



Why should I choose Go Go Toner? 


We stand by our products, therefore by purchasing our products, you can be confident that you will receive a product that will continuously outperform the competition in relation to quality performance.

Why should I do business with Go Go Toner? 

Go Go Toner can provide an information source in relation to printer compatibilities and other product enquiries. The quality of our product is guaranteed. There is easy access to Go Go Toner staff and information by our website, email, or by phoning our staff directly. By selecting Go Go Toner as a supply partner you can feel assured that we are a reputable company with multi-national representation. Go Go Toner is an organisation conscious of environmental responsibilities within industry and ensures not only that we comply but that we can continue to initiate ventures of a responsible nature.

What if I ordered the wrong product? 

If your product is unopened and is one that we stock, you can return it to us and exchange for the correct model. If the item is not common and we had to order it in for you, we can take it on the provision our supplier will accept the return.